Snowmageddon on Twitter

Created by Jeff Clark of Neoformix

This browser does not have a Java Plug-in.
Get the latest Java Plug-in here.

This is a visualization of the tweets that mention 'snowmageddon' or 'snowmaggedon' between Dec 13th 2008 and Jan 29th, 2009. Simple help:

  • The time slider will start in play mode. Press the pause or play button to stop and start it or grab the handle and drag it.
  • Use the buttons in the top left to zoom or move around the map. You can also just drag the map with your mouse.
  • Use the 'US' or 'World' buttons to show the corresponding region.
  • Use your mouse wheel to zoom as well.
  • Hover over a circle to see the twitter message.
  • Enter text in either of the 2 colored boxes at the bottom left to filter the messages. The circles are colored based on which text they match. If they match both then they are colored white.


This application depends on Java and may take a little while to start up. There are a few more details available on the weblog post.