Google News Topic Flowers

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2006

I have generated Topic Flowers for the current top 2 articles in Google News for the categories Business, Sci/Tech, Sports, and Health. Here they are with links to the articles and their topic as defined by Google:

1Business - I'll be back, says fallen Wall Street dotcom star
2Business - Smoke in cabin forces plane evacuation
3Sci/Tech - Astronomers offer proof of unseen 'darkmatter'
4Sci/Tech - Pluto Seems Poised to Lose Its Planet Status
5Sports - Yankees finish historic sweep of Red Sox
6Sports - U.S. opts for new formula
7Health - Chemical Reaction May Have Caused Eye Infections
8Health - Accutane acne drug raises cholesterol, fat levels

Using the topic legend we can interpret the colours. The flowers from the same categories as defined by Google do seem to be similar to each other. The business stories, numbers 1 and 2, are predominantly purple as expected. The Sci/Tech stories, numbers 3 and 4, are mostly blue. The two sports stories, 5 and 6, are all orange, and the Health stories, 7 and 8, are blue for science content with a little bit of purple for business mixed in. It is a little hard to see because I made the images smaller but most of them have very few 'hairs'. This suggests they don't contain many personal pronouns which makes sense for these articles that are from newspapers. They all have many layers of petals which shows that they are all reasonably long.


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