Word Trees from Many Eyes

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Sun, 02 Sep 2007

I don't believe that I've mentioned yet the excellent resource Many Eyes. It was created by IBM's Visual Communication Lab. In their words:

We believe that visualizations gain power when multiple people use them to communicate, and that communication gains power when multiple people can visualize and explore information together. We want to democratize visualization, enabling anyone on the internet to publish powerful interactive visualizations and start their own data conversations. Many Eyes is designed to bring that power to you.
The Visual Communication Lab was created by the brilliant Martin Wattenberg and includes the amazing Fernanda Viegas and this product of the lab shows the quality of the people behind it.

The latest style of visualization unveiled at Many Eyes is called a Word Tree which is a method to visualize the different contexts that a word or phrase presents within a body of text. The example below shows an analysis of the phrase 'young king' in 'The Compleat Grimm Fairy Tales'. Click on the image to see the live visualization which lets you easily navigate to other words or phrases.

Very interesting !


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