Pennsylvanian Democratic Debate

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2008

I added the transcript for the Pennsylvanian Democratic debate held on April 16, 2008 to the interactive Transcript Analyzer. The image below is smaller (and more blurry) than from the application but gives a rough idea of what was discussed by which candidate and when. Here are the primary topics covered in order:

  1. mixed introductory comments (jobs + health + foreign + policy)
  2. guns + religion
  3. wright + remarks
  4. foreign + policy + iraq + iran
  5. tax + economy + jobs
  6. guns + ban
  7. mixed closing comments (jobs + health + foreign + policy)

Notable by their absence were the words 'immigration' and 'nafta' .

Democrat Debate - Apr 16th, 2008 ( click for interactive application )

One small refinement was made to the application. The counts and bars for the various words will now also include simple plural variations. So references to 'jobs' will also include 'job', and references to 'gun' would also include 'guns'.

Give the Transcript Analyzer a try yourself and, as always, feedback is welcome !


Stephanie Posavec
Pennsylvanian Debate Comparison