By: Jeff Clark    Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2008

Recently I completed a small freelance project for the site ButterBeeHappy.com . Basically, the site lets you easily keep a journal of those things that make you happy or that you are grateful for. There is research to suggest that doing so has psychological benefit. The site is free to use and I've been enjoying using it the last couple of months.

My small piece of the puzzle is called the Honeycomb Navigator. It lets you see the words used most often in your entries as well as which other words are associated with them. You can also explore the things that made you, or other people, happy by hovering over and clicking on particular cells.

HoneyComb Navigator (static image)

In the example image the central hex on the left shows a particular user, in this case it's me - jclark. The outer hexes show the words most commonly used in my recent entries: julia, soccer, today, leanne etc. The middle ring of hexes on the left are the other users that most often used these same words in their entries. If you mouse over a user hex the right-hand area shows a random entry from that user. If you mouse over a word hex the right-hand area shows a random entry containing that word. You can click on a word or user to make it central.

You can try out the navigator by itself below or visit ButterBeeHappy.com to sign up yourself !

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