My World Has Room For Wildlife

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2008

My work over the last couple of weeks has involved analyzing images and reconstructing them using words and letters. There exist many fonts that actually contain non-letterform designs and my techniques work with them as well. For the image below I made use of the Animals font by Alan Carr to draw the component shapes. The starting seed image of the globe is a screen capture from NASA World Wind.

I have a vector version of this image in PDF format that can be printed at any resolution and I think the design would look great in poster or T-shirt form. I'm going to try a little experiment to gauge the commercial potential of this kind of thing. I will send you the PDF for a minimum donation of $20 US to Neoformix and you may then use it to print up to 10 physical items - posters, mousepads, T-shirts, whatever. The image has a width:height ratio of 4:5 and so would match perfectly a 16 x 20 inch print.

Note that this is a manual process - I don't expect thousands of requests ! After your donation you will likely have to wait a few hours until I process it.

Here is a zoomed image of the area around the Gulf of Mexico:


Eyes From 'i's