Obama/Clinton Economic Speech Contrast Diagram

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Fri, 28 Mar 2008

Recently both Clinton and Obama delivered speeches related to the economy. Clinton's was more focussed specifically on the housing crisis. I took the text of Clinton's Halting the Housing Crisis and Obama's Renewing the American Economy and created a Document Contrast Diagram.

It clearly shows that they were about the same length, both slightly positive in overall emotional tone but Clinton's text varied more in tone. The large blue word circles for 'mortgage', 'housing', 'crisis', 'families', 'foreclosure' show the primary topic of interest for Clinton. Obama's mostly unique key terms were 'American', 'financial', 'risk', 'system', 'regulatory', and 'institutions'. The blue segments in the middle of Obama's speech show that he used words in that section more strongly associated with Clinton overall. This is where he discussed the housing crisis.

Obama/Clinton Economic Speech Contrast Diagram (click to see larger version)


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