Obama McCain Convention Speech Comparison

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Fri, 05 Sep 2008

I have built some graphics comparing the speech delivered by McCain at the RNC last night with the speech from last week by Obama. To start with, here are the StreamGraph diagrams for both speeches. Click on either one to see more detail.


Here is the Document Contrast Diagram:

Contrast Diagram for Obama DNC 2008 and McCain RNC 2008 (click to see larger version)

The interactive Document Cloud Comparison of the two speeches is also available below. Here are some things evident from the graphics and the interactive tool:

  1. Obama's speech was a bit longer than McCain's
  2. Words used frequently by both Obama and McCain include 'American', 'country', 'President', 'work', 'families', 'oil', 'jobs', 'tax', and 'Washington'
  3. Words used much more frequently by Obama include 'promise', 'America', 'John', 'McCain', 'Bush', 'time', 'care', 'lives', 'together'
  4. Words used much more frequently by McCain include 'fight', 'fought', 'trust', 'works', 'honor', 'school', 'stand', 'prisoners'
  5. Obama referred to McCain by name 21 times, McCain only used the name Obama 6 times

See this older post on Document Cloud Comparisons for a discussion of how to use it. This tool requires Java and may take a few seconds to start up.

The interactive application:

To view this content, you need to install Java from java.com


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