Ontario Budget Speech 2007-2008 Contrast Diagram

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2008

I'm a proud citizen of Canada and have decided to include a bit more analysis of Canadian-themed data and text in the future.

Yesterday the 2008 Ontario budget speech was delivered which outlines the governments' priorities for the coming year. I have constructed a Document Contrast Diagram from the text of the 2007 Ontario Budget Speech and the 2008 Ontario Budget Speech.

Document Contrast Diagram for 2007/2008 Ontario budget Speeches (click to see larger version)

My first post on Document Contrast Diagrams will give some guidance on how to interpret the image. Here are a few things I noticed that are illustrated by the diagram. You may have to view the larger version to see some of these details.

  1. The 2007 speech was slightly longer.
  2. Overall, both speeches had a positive emotional tone.
  3. Some of the primary words common to both speeches were 'Ontario', 'years', 'Speaker', 'health', 'today', 'improve', 'municipalities', 'care'
  4. Common words used a bit more often in 2007 include 'Budget', 'economic', 'rates', 'province', 'support', 'provide'
  5. Common words used a bit more often in 2008 include 'business', 'tax', 'plan', 'help', 'communities', 'continue', 'public'
  6. Words used much more often in 2007 include 'child', 'children', 'families', 'means', 'reassessment', 'surpluses', 'reserve', 'greenbelt', 'clean', 'car'
  7. Words used much more often in 2008 include 'invest', 'jobs', 'government', 'students', 'school', 'grants', 'skills', 'training', 'build', 'create', 'infrastructure', 'partner', 'Toronto'
  8. The 2007 speech had no segments of strong negative emotional tone.
  9. The 2008 speech had a couple of segments of moderately negative tone - one associated with 'jobs' and the other with 'funding'.


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