StreamGraphs Featured in Montreal Gazette Ad

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Mon, 20 Oct 2008

There is a full-color, full-page advertisment in today's Montreal Gazette that features some StreamGraphs I created. There is no easy link to see it online although you can get to a thumbnail version of the page through their digital edition. An image of the Ad is shown below. It is advertising the newspaper itself and is part of the 'Words Matter' campaign created by bleublancrouge.

These StreamGraphs illustrate the frequency and distribution of the key words in a text. Those in this advertisement are based on the speeches given by the respective party leaders after the Canadian federal election was over last week. They aren't the best examples of StreamGraphs because the speeches were fairly short which causes them to be very wiggly. The technique works better for series that don't vary quite so dramatically over time. They are, however, colorful and unique and seem to grab people's attention. I colored each graph to match the standard colors for the corresponding political party.

Thanks to my new friends at for offering me the opportunity to get some exposure.


Oct 15th Presidential Debate
Obama Word Portrait