American Idol StreamGraph

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Thu, 21 May 2009

Here is a Twitter StreamGraph created from the query "American Idol" OR #idol in the date range of May 3-21, 2009. I had to use a custom version of my tool that used tweet data harvested in a different manner from the online version which is limited to viewing the last 1000 tweets only. Given such a popular topic, 1000 tweets only goes back a few minutes and is uninteresting.

A couple of observations:

  • Note the large spikes for 'David', 'Cook', and 'brother' around May 3rd. This occurred because the contestant David Cook's brother had just passed away from cancer.
  • The eventual winner (Kris), was mentioned less often than the other finalist (Adam) for most of the time span.

It would be interesting to see the graph for a longer time period but Twitter Search is currently only returning data that goes back around 21 days.


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