American Idol Tweet Narrative

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Thu, 21 May 2009

I have taken the collection of tweets I gathered for the American Idol StreamGraph and run them through my tool for creating a Characteristic Tweets Summary to produce the following output. My initial attempt included some obvious spam tweets so I had to refine my technique a little bit. Basically, a twitter spammer who repeated the same text over and over was highly likely to have one of their tweets selected as the 'characteristic tweet' for the time period containing the spam. The refinement was to only analyze one tweet per user per time period.

In the output table I also de-emphasized the twitter account for each tweet since they are statistically selected to be representative of an aggregate. The trailing '*' is a link to the original tweet which, of course, shows the proper attribution.

DateCharacteristic Tweet
May 03, 2009American Idol winner David Cook's brother dies of cancer. *
May 04, 2009'American Idol' star David Cook's brother Adam dies of brain cancer! *
May 05, 2009getting ready to watch american idol. *
May 06, 2009Headed home for american idol *
May 07, 2009very mad because Allison Iraheta got off American Idol *
May 08, 2009tickets for the american idol tour go on sale saturday @ 10!!!!!!!!! *
May 09, 2009Just got tickets to the American Idol tour!!!! *
May 10, 2009Tickets for the American Idol 2009 Summer tour on Sale|Tour Dates ... *
May 11, 2009Can't wait to see American Idol!!!! *
May 12, 2009getting ready to watch American Idol *
May 13, 2009American Idol i'm waiting for who is going home tonight !!!! *
May 14, 2009@jordanknight who cares about american're my american idol! *
May 15, 2009RT @kingsthings: who do you want to win American Idol? *
May 16, 2009What is the difference between the American Idol and Eurovision? *
May 17, 2009Clouds on horizon for "American Idol" juggernaut? (Reuters) *
May 18, 2009britney to perform on American Idol finale? *
May 19, 2009getting ready to watch american idol. come on,kris! *
May 20, 2009American Idol finale!!!! come on kris!!! even though adam has it, i really want you to win!!!! *
May 21, 2009Kris won the american idol *


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