Chrysler Tweet Summary

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Sat, 02 May 2009

Here is another example of the Characteristic Tweets idea. The troubles of GM and Chrysler have been in the news for some time now and have been widely discussed in the twittersphere. I have a personal connection to Chrysler having grown up in Windsor, Ontario where they are a major part of the economy and I still have family members who work there.

I have analyzed six months of tweets containing 'chrysler' for the time period Nov 1, 2008 until Apr 30, 2009 - around 66,000 in all. Rather than finding a characteristic message for every day I have split the set into 20 equal-time periods and found the most representative for each period. It tells the sad story fairly well I think. Let's hope if I repeat the exercise in another six months that it has a happier ending.

DateCharacteristic Tweet
Nov 02, 2008odanielpavon: No big sellers in sight to save troubled Chrysler (AP): AP - In crises past, Chrysler has somehow managed to stamp out a b..
Nov 13, 2008reutersbiz: Goldman suspends GM rating, Chrysler urges aid: DETROIT (Reuters) - Goldman Sachs suspended its rating..
Nov 21, 2008mayankchandak: Chrysler's Web Edition vehicle package: includes WiFi, iPod touch and a Dell Mini 9: Chrysler has been toying with in-car ..
Dec 05, 2008odanielpavon: Senators grill auto CEOs, eye GM-Chrysler deal (Reuters): Reuters - The chief executives of General Motors Corp and Chrysl..
Dec 12, 2008michaelreuter: Chapeau! US Senate "No bailout for GM, Ford, Chrysler"
Dec 17, 2008nishachittal: Is chrysler really closing all its plants for a month??
Jan 03, 2009odanielpavon: Chrysler gets $4 billion U.S. government loan (Reuters): Reuters - Chrysler LLC on Friday received an initial $4 billion emergency loa..
Jan 05, 2009studentoflife: Chrysler U.S. December sales drop 53%
Jan 20, 2009karlturnbull: fiat to buy 35% stake in chrysler
Jan 26, 2009magneda2: Reuters: Chrysler urges dealers to order cars, cut costs: NEW ORLEANS (Reuters) - Chrysler LLC on Sunday..
Feb 05, 2009dugg: GM, Chrysler offer to buyout nearly 100% of hourly workers: General Motors is offering buyouts to virtually all ..
Feb 14, 2009googlenewsbiz: GM, UAW talks break off Chrysler talks stall - Reuters:
Feb 18, 2009latimesnews: GM, Chrysler seek billions more in federal loans: General Motors asks for $9.1 billion to $16.6 billion and says..
Feb 26, 2009feedsontap: Acquisition Chrysler company_beingacquired Fiat SpA company_acquirer
Mar 12, 2009MobileAuto: Chrysler threatens Canada pull out - The Associated Press
Mar 20, 2009wopularall: Fiat says it won't assume Chrysler debt in deal
Apr 01, 2009alexanderwatson: Obama: Bankruptcy only option for GM and Chrysler.
Apr 08, 2009toledonews: Chrysler rolls out new Jeep Grand Cherokee after government scolding
Apr 15, 2009borgellaj: Fiat CEO warns Chrysler unions: cut costs or we walk
Apr 30, 2009SecurityCanada: Chrysler will file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy


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