Iran Election Tweet Narrative II

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Sat, 20 Jun 2009

I have updated my Tweet Narrative about the Iran election. This one uses 141,000 tweets from the time period June 14-20th, 2009. I have also improved the algorithm that selects the characteristic tweets. The changes are difficult to describe succinctly but did reduce the number of tweets that started with 'RT'. This helps meet my primary goal of constructing a readable summary of the content. For this analysis I also only counted the first 10 tweets from any particular account which helps prevent the tweets from a few individual accounts from dominating the results.

DateCharacteristic Tweet
Jun 14
20:12 gmt
WTF! They're bringing tanks on the streets in Tehran #iranelection *
Jun 15
00:51 gmt
@Change_for_Iran 5:17am people outside are burning Saderat bank building or as it seems from this far #iranelection *
Jun 15
07:13 gmt
@IranNewsNow HUGE NEWS!!!! CNN reports that GRAND AYATOLLA SANAI has issued FATWA to resist govt that steals #IranElection *
Jun 15
10:24 gmt
Iran supreme leader orders probe of vote fraud #iranelection *
Jun 15
18:43 gmt
Jun 15
21:26 gmt
Please postpone maintenance! #nomaintenance #iranelection *
Jun 16
01:52 gmt
Twitter Reschedules Maintenance Around #IranElection Controversy *
Jun 16
05:09 gmt
Iran has blocked "#iranelection" Use #Tehran or #Iranians *
Jun 16
11:18 gmt
#iranelection cyberwar guide for beginners *
Jun 16
16:32 gmt
unconfmd major incident at Azadi - shooting - fires - ppl running #Iranelection *
Jun 16
22:28 gmt
pls everyone change your location on tweeter to IRAN inc timezone GMT+3.30 hrs - #Iranelection - cont.... *
Jun 17
03:44 gmt
NYT publishing sensitive names of Iranians on Twitter. Get them to stop! #NYTfail #iranelection *
Jun 17
05:52 gmt
Jun 17
09:29 gmt
Tehran march TODAY 5pm - 7Tir Sq - Meydan 7 Tir - silent - sea of green - #Iranelection *
Jun 17
15:17 gmt
Show support for #iranelection add green overlay to your Twitter avatar with 1-click - *
Jun 17
18:56 gmt
news - Mousavi & Khatami have delivered joint letter to Ministry of Justice demanding release of protestors - #Iranelection *
Jun 18
02:15 gmt
"Change does not roll in on the wheels of inevitability, but comes through continuous struggle." -Dr.Martin Luther King #iranelection *
Jun 18
05:00 gmt
DOA Remix (Death of the Ayatollahs). Theme song for #IranElection *
Jun 18
11:00 gmt
Today - Sea of Green - Imam Khomeine Sq - 4pm - Tehran - All wear BLACK - we pray together - #Iranelection *
Jun 18
14:46 gmt
MOUSAVI - 25% inflation means IGNORANCE - THIEVING - CORRUPTION - where is the wealth of my nation? #Iranelection RT *
Jun 18
21:28 gmt
RT @andylevy BREAKING: Faulty #iranelection results attributed to Clerical errors. *
Jun 18
23:15 gmt
confirmed - Saeed Rajaie's (a prominent Iranian wartime martyr) wife has been arrested while praying in Qom - #Iranelection *
Jun 19
04:29 gmt
[Mashable] Facebook Releases Persian Translation for #IranElection Crisis *
Jun 19
09:31 gmt
#iranelection Khamenei: (summery) (( correction )) Crowed yell: Death to england *
Jun 19
13:21 gmt
situation in Iran is now CRITICAL - nation is heartbroken - suppression is iminent - #Iranelection *
Jun 19
21:06 gmt
Mousavi's offices are trashed, Mousavi's staff in police custody, Mousavi is missing. #iranelection #gr88 #clarification *
Jun 19
23:22 gmt
#IranElection Must watch video & read transcript at the same time. Chills Pls RT after you watch. *
Jun 20
06:44 gmt
whenwill we all stand together ascitizens of thewrld and demandour elected officials tohelp? one day wecould be in that crowd #iranelection *
Jun 20
08:28 gmt
Google Earth to update satellite images of Tehran #Iranelection *
Jun 20
13:26 gmt
Unconfirmed: Bomb Blast in Khomeini's shrine #iranelection *


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