More Twitter Venn Examples

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Thu, 14 May 2009

Here are a couple of venn diagrams created with Twitter Venn for some topics in the news. The first shows H1N1 vs 'swine flu' and it clearly shows that the less technical name is occurring much more frequently in tweets and also that there is a fair amount of overlap. The second example compares 'star wars' with 'star trek' and has a very similar appearance to the first. I'm surprised that with the launch of the new Star Trek movie it doesn't dominate references to Star Wars even more although it does have about a 5-6 x advantage right now. It may be because there was some discussion recently on twitter about the many plot parallels between the new Star Trek movie and the original Star Wars. Notice in the word cloud for tweets containing both terms the high visibility of 'rips' and 'off'.

Click on the images to see the current diagrams inside the interactive tool.


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