Time of Day Word Correlations

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Fri, 21 Aug 2009

This is another post in a set looking at word usage by time of day in tweets. This time the data includes all the tweets sent from Toronto in June and July of 2009. The post Temporal Correlation for Words in Tweets probably has the most relevant background.

Each of these sets below consists of 5 line graphs showing usage of the word in tweets with the time of day along the horizontal axis. The first series, in black, is the word of interest. The next 2, in blue, are highly correlated with the focus word - the words tend to be used during the same times of day as the word of interest. The last 2 words, in red, have a negative correlation.







Note that these aren't necessarily the words with the strongest correlation. From the stronger matches I've selected the ones that seem most insightful. Many of the strongest positive correlations arise because the words are often used together within the same tweets. For example there are quite a few tweets that talk about eating 'pancakes' or 'eggs' at 'brunch' so it isn't especially surprising that their time of day profiles are similar. The combination 'yoga' and 'pets' seems a bit more surprising. I've checked in the actual tweets and can't find any that contain both words at once.

The negative correlation between 'yoga' and 'guns' isn't very strong but I find it kind of amusing. The strong correlation between 'drunk' and 'ill' and the negative match with 'gym' seems appropriate.


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