Twitter Employee Account Similarity

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Tue, 02 Jun 2009

Dave Winer recently investigated Who do the people of Twitter follow?. He looked at which twitter accounts were followed by the most employees of Twitter and was curious about how that might be related to the accounts suggested to new Twitter users when they sign up.

His idea sparked one of my own - what are the relationships between Twitter employees themselves with respect to similarity of the vocabulary used in their tweets ? Here is the graph created using the same layout technique described in my recent post Twitter Account Graphs.

As a whole, the group of twitter employees seem to be well connected based on this vocabulary similarity metric. There are a few people floating around on their own - thuske, akshay_abd, jeremy, lukester, and em33. There is also a doublet separated from the others - keerthi and mikelimondba. They both only have about 40 tweets so this link is more tenuous than the others which are based on the latest 200 tweets. The bottom right shows a fairly cohesive subgroup connected to most of the rest thru ej or perhaps mzsanford/abdur. Co-founder biz seems to be a more central figure by this measure than CEO ev.


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