Tweets Containing Love

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Fri, 09 Apr 2010

I have been collecting tweets containing the word 'love' for more than a year now and just analyzed a sample to see what other words are being used in conjunction with 'love'. I naively assumed I'd see lots of company or product names as the top non-generic terms. There were a few near the top - iphone, ipod, and starbucks for example. The most commonly used non-generic terms were actually almost all Twitter accounts for singers. The person with the most references was @justinbieber. Note that I analyzed 1 out of every 50 tweets so the counts shown here are ~50 times smaller than the real totals for the year.

During the last few months the total for @justinbieber exceeded the next top 14 combined. The streamgraph also shows a strong decrease for @mileycyrus and @ddlovato. References to @jonasbrothers seem to have split into separate streams for both @nickjonas and @joejonas.

Here is a PDF version of the streamgraph.


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