Neoformix Review 2009

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Mon, 04 Jan 2010

Thank you everybody for your interest in Neoformix over the past year. I wish you all a Wonderful and Happy 2010!

These are the 20 most popular posts published on Neoformix during 2009 ordered by their popularity. There are a large number of popular posts based on the Shaped Word Cloud concept and a few more on the related Image Foam Technique.

1. Iran Election Word Cloud

2. September 11 Pager Data Visualization

3. Butterfly Plane

4. Oscar Chatter on Twitter

5. Hudson River Landing

6. Fish Tank

7. Butterfly Falcon

8. Shaped Word Clouds

9. TED Shaped Word Cloud

10. The Raven

11. Apple Twitter Word Map

12. Obama Twitter Word Map

13. Earth Day Twitter Map

14. Peace Dove

15. World News Clustered Word Cloud

16. Word Portrait: Michael Jackson

17. Obama Inauguration Speech

18. Twitter List Profile Clouds

19. Toronto Twitter Community

20. Temporal Correlation for Words in Tweets

Note that many of the most popular parts of Neoformix visited during the past year were for projects published prior to 2009 and include Twitter StreamGraphs, Twitter Venn, Big Small, and Word Hearts.


Twitter Venn Birthday
Snow Doves