Delaunay Images II

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2012

A few years back I played around with creating Delaunay Images as described here and here. That work was inspired by these Delaunay Images created by Jonathan Puckey.

The delaunay process involves creating a triangular mesh in order to construct a more abstract version of a starting image based on some control points. In the past I either manually selected the control points or chose them randomly. I just recently came across some javascript code by 'atm2' for creating these types of images and discovered that it uses a more clever approach. Basically, edge detection is done on the base image and the delaunay control points are chosen from points on the edges. Using this idea as a starting point I modified the code a bit to make the triangles more transparent as they decrease in size. This basically lets us create a triangularized abstract version of an image while letting the details of the original show through in key areas. An example is below:

I really like the effect and it's completely automatic which opens up some interesting possibilities. The original base image is by Steve McCurry and is of Sharbat Gula. A retrospective on her life done by National Geographic can be found here.


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