Our World in Data

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Sun, 08 Dec 2019

One of my favourite sites on the web is Our World in Data. Their stated goal is to use research and data to make progress against the world’s largest problems. It's obviously an important goal and they have done an excellent job of showing the state of the world and how it has changed over time. From their About page:

It is possible to change the world

To work towards a better future, we need to understand how and why the world has changed in the past. There are two reasons for this:

It shows us that progress is possible. The historical data and research shows that it is possible to change the world. In many important ways global living conditions have improved. While we believe this is one of the most important facts to know about the world we live in, it is one that is known by surprisingly few. Many believe that the world is stagnating or getting worse in aspects where the opposite is true. 

The second reason is that it allows us to learn. Progress is possible, but it is not a given. If we want to know how to reduce suffering and tackle the world’s problems we should learn from what was and was not successful in the past.

Here is an example chart from the site with sources clearly provided, options to view as a chart, map, or table and ability to focus on particular countries of interest. You can download the data or embed in your own site as I have done here. It's an excellent resource and I encourage you to take a look!


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