Genuary 24: Create your own pseudo-random number generator

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Mon, 24 Jan 2022

The prompt for Genuary 24 is 'Create your own pseudo-random number generator and visually check the results'. I tried a system like:

	a = Math.sqrt(Math.abs(seed*Math.E))*11
	seed = (a - Math.floor(a))
Checking sequential generated numbers there are no obvious patterns. Checking the histogram of 10,000 values yields a pretty uniform result. Unfortunately taking pairs of numbers generated sequentially and plotting them shows obvious patterns - a sure sign of a poor quality result. I did try using a larger constant multiple - say 1234 instead of the 11 used above and saw no obvious 2D patterns in that case.

The standard javascript Math.random did very well in comparison on these simple tests.


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