Top Twitter Users Over Time

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Fri, 06 Jun 2008

Using data from The StatBot again I've built some graphs detailing usage of the top twitter users over the May 2006- May 2008 period. A line graph with this data is too crowded to interpret properly unless we restrict it to only a few top users so I decided to create a set of bar graphs instead. The pink bars are the highest for that month and the highest month of all is the last scobleizer month - 2005 tweets for April 2008. Here are a few observations:

  1. chrisbrogan has the most tweets overall but his totals were eclipsed in most months by newmediajim
  2. scobleizer jumped in quickly in Mar 2007 and had the most tweets of anyone in his first month of use
  3. down at #21 'ev' seems to have the highest use during the first few months. This isn't surprising since 'ev' is Evan Williams, Co-founder of Twitter
  4. guykawasaki and problogger are high in the overall usage rankings despite starting later than many of the others


Twitter Client Usage Over Time
Twitter Client Usage StreamGraph