Mona Pizza

By: Jeff Clark    Date: Thu, 10 Nov 2011

In the previous posts Mona Mosaics, Recursive Mona, and Blended Mona I played around with some ideas for reconstructing the famous Mona Lisa image in different ways. One of the things I did was to build up the image from smaller versions of itself. I was using simple image tinting and blending to get reasonable results.

This time I'm going to select sub-images from a set of pictures and use those to build the large image. This has been done for many years now and there are various tools to support it but I thought it would be interesting to try it myself. For this test rendering I'm using a small set of 23 images related to pizza. For simplicity they are all square images so they map well to the square regions determined by my algorithm. The algorithm selects the best-matching sub-image for each region and if the match isn't very good then it sub-divides the region and tries again at a smaller scale. This version uses blending to try and balance clarity of both the sub-images and the global picture.

Mona Pizza

For purposes of comparison here is the same image with no blending applied. You can see the sub-images more clearly but the overall image is only vaguely defined. This could be improved by using smaller sub-image pixels or a larger collection of sub-images to choose from.


Blended Mona
Phyllotaxy Spiral Mosaics