About Neoformix

Hi! I'm Jeff Clark and Neoformix started as my blog back in 2006 where I posted personal projects. My work attracted enough attention that it has grown into a full-time business specializing in custom data visualization.

I was born and raised in Windsor, Canada but live now in Unionville, just north of Toronto. My academic background is in Applied Physics and Mathematics and was undertaken at the University of Waterloo.

I have been a professional programmer for about twenty-five years and my current areas of interest include data analysis, visualization, and generative design. I enjoy discovering the patterns in the apparent chaos of real life data and exploring new techniques for communicating what I discover in a visually compelling manner.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you find something of value here at Neoformix!

Contact Information

I love to tackle challenging problems and create useful and engaging solutions. Contact me through Email or Twitter to talk about how I can help you.